Night of Reading 2019 - 20.01.19

In partnership with the Ministry of Culture
Saturday, January 19 from 18h to 21h30
- Conference of Dr. Michel Toupet, specialist ORL of Vertigo
- Reading excerpts from the texts of Alexander Grothendieck "Harvests and Seeds" and Cyril Dion "Little Manual of Contemporary Resistance",
as well as the poem "Infinity" by Ruben Arthuys
Lectures put in voice by Lionel Cecilio and Anthony Pelé

- Acoustic concert of guitarist John Alvarez and meetings with artists.
As part of the Spatial Geometry exhibition featuring the works of Laura Nillni, Jordane Saget, Axel Kriloff, Benjamin van Blancke, Mirit Mikhail, Catalina Sour Vasquez and Diane Merli, the gallery is once again associated with the 2019 Nuit de la Musique .
The majority of the works were created exclusively on the occasion of this exhibition around Sciences, Nature and Contemporary Art.
Commissariat: Axelle Migé

Galerie Dièse 22 will present a selection of excerpts from writers and writers in residence, working on the links between science, philosophy and the arts.

The event also features filmed portraits of the scientists and artists involved in our BANG! Project, a five-year cycle that decrypts the thought processes of creation. The exhibition is therefore the first part of this book open on a utopia around language, transmission and the symbol.
We had the immense pleasure of receiving Dr. Michel Toupet, ENT specialist (Oto-Rhino-Laryngology) during a conference illustrated by his work and the dancer Fanny Alton.
In addition to his globally recognized vertigo research, Dr. Toupet is also passionate about contemporary music and the arts. Fanny Alton, protean contemporary dancer, has collaborated with Caroline Carlson and Jérome Bel. She explores in her personal work the links between human and environment.

Inspired by the work of mathematician Boris Asancheyev and Alexandre Grothendieck, the exhibition gives carte blanche to artists to translate into metaphors the purity of descriptive geometry through a dialogue between uchronie, analytic psychology and animism.
Between metaphysical reflections and personal sensibilities, spirit and matter are embodied in dimensional games in 3D and 2D, lines and pigments, shadows and lights, movement and time.
Like the ghost trajectories of Axel Kriloff, the works express the remains, the ghosts of a supposed golden age that probably never existed or a fantasy future.
A sensory and introspective 360-degree experience.