Incubator #22

The Incubator #22 is conceived as a springboard for contemporary creation and a gateway between several audiences linked to the history of the place and the speakers.
Since four years, creators, renowned artists, entrepreneurs have been collaborating on the quality of training that covers several areas of expertise ensuring versatility and unique know-how.

An innovative service that offers a real network for the diffusion of the current dynamic and hybrid creation.

Set up in 2016, the Incubator has already represented 20 French and international brands:

The Incubator is dedicated to young professionals who already have or want to build a brand and launch it both from a sales point of view and press-communication. They will also be able to attend MBA courses, if a specialty has not been properly addressed during their school career and conferences given by invited professionals.

The incubator offers the same 3 in 1 services as a press office (restructuring of communication, placement in the press) and a marketing agency (repositioning of the brand, prices, first sale of products)

The creators will be exposed during the Fashion Week in our showroom but also in partner institutions (galleries, shows) according to their position, where they can meet the specialized press and the public.


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