Currently on exhibition
E-Nuclear 16.05.19 - 15.06.19


    Mihai Grecu - Video
    Iglika Christova - Drawing - Installation - Video
    Laura & Ricardo Nillni - Video - Drawing
    Julie Sthorez - Numeric art - Painting
    Axël Kriloff - Painting
    Céline Lastennet - Installation - Drawing
    Sami Benhadj Djilali - Sculpture


The Gallery Dièse22 is conceived as a springboard for contemporary creation and a real bridge between several audiences linked to the history of the place.
The first editions around the themes «Time Machine», «Spatial Geometry», «Charnels Illusions», «Psychedelia, Language and Psyche», developed questions formulated by artists who often work on several media (digital art, video, installation, drawing,painting, sculptures, use of archives ...). The gallery hosted the retrospective of the Prix Dauphine for Contemporary Art as well as the encyclopedic project Dreamstreem in partnership with the Sorbonne or the Nights of Reading and Night of the Francophonies in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.
An innovative incubator that offers a real network for the diffusion of dynamic and hybrid creation.

Throughout the writers’ residencies and events related to design, culinary arts and music, it invites artists and protagonists from different horizons to express themselves around the themes of the exhibitions.

With these experiences, the gallery is committed to developp ecology in its 2018/2019 program at the crossroads of Science, Philosophy and Arts.

Around personal and collective exhibitions, between the emergence of subcultures and confirmed artists, the gallery will also build bridges with cultural institutions and charity partners.
Speech will be given to artists and scientists at conferences and interviews especially during the Nights of Reading and Francophonies in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO.